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I am electric... made of wire...

... the journals of survival are housed here.

The Journals of Survivors of Flight 815
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...every 108 minutes, the button must be pushed. From the moment the alarm sounds, you will have 4 minutes to enter the code into the microcomputer processor into the program. When the alarm sounds, either you or your partner must input the code. It is highly recommended that you and your partner take alternating shifts. In this manner you will both stay as fresh and alert it is of utmost importance, that when the alarm sounds, the code be entered correctly and in a timely fashion.

Now do not attempt to use the computer for anything else other than the entering of the code.

This is its only function.

The isolation that attends the duties associated with Station 3 may tempt you to try and utilize the computer for communication with the outside world. This is strictly forbidden. Attempting to use the computer in this manner will compromise the integrity of the project and worse, could lead to another incident. I repeat, do not use the computer for anything other than entering the code.

On the Forty Fourth Day of Surviving the Crash of Oceanic Flight 815, the survivors found a bunker burired deep in the earth of the island, that was referred to as The Swan. Within The Swan was most of the daily needs of any human, and with it's discovery came a price.

The Button. The Numbers

Entering the sequence was a small price to pay for the luxury that they found. Sayid, one of the survivors, managed to repair one of the many laptops that had been scavenged from the wreckage and encouraged everyone to begin keeping a record of the events that had happened to them, in case of a rescue...

... or worse.

Journal Entries from The Land of Reprisal survivors.